Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Britain's Best Dressed Man Part 2

Here is part 2 of Britain's Best Dressed Man. Today I am going to post some more pictures. The pictures are taken from Newcastle, Bristol, Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham. Tomorrow I will continue with part 3. I will pick my top ten favorite pictures.

Alan Middleton, 41, Newcastle, Lecturer

How he described his style: "Old fashioned - Grandpa chic is now back in."

Patrick Holbrook, 20, Cheltenham, Summer camp counselor

How he described his style: "Country meet city"

Prince Cassius, 22, London, Student

Martin Collier, 29, Bristol, Commercial Property Co.

How he described his style:  "Traditionally British"

James Bondman, 22, Bristol, Retail Assistant

How he described his style: "Far out!"

Shane Dineen, 26, Bristol, Surveyor

How he described his style: "Smooth talking Irishman"

Paul Anthony Smith, 31, Hackney, London, Dj and brand director

How he described his style: "classic work wear"

Johnathan Bjorkman, 24, London, Graduate Student

How he described his style: Flamboyant

Jack Murray, 18, Liverpool, Student

How he described his style: "A gravedigger with PhD."

Joel Crane, 28, Birmingham, Regional sales manager fro Ben Sherman

How he described his style: "I don't aspire anything, I wear the clothes I like and make them work."

Adrian Cano,  20, Sussex, Student of English

How he described his style: "My style combines a mixture of different elements. I love being elegant and tidy, but I also like to combine smarter looks with more casual, bohemian pieces"

Matthew Zorpas, 22, London, Freelance public relations

How he described his style‘Metropolitan and sophisticated. I embody details for added specialness- such as my hat, watch and tie clip. The pallete of grey colours and number of layers adds richness and dynamism’.

Ross Hancock, London, Fashion designer/tailor

How he described his style: "Dandyism for me is about how you put a twist on clothes, it’s not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it"

Winston Chesterfield, 27, London, Professtional pianist and journalist

How he described his style: “Winston’s style has a mix of the classical and the modern and also a mix of tailoring and trend. He wears a lot of high street clothing, but also has a few tailored and vintage items that supplement his look.”

Christopher Aspinall, 23, London. PA to managing director of a media company

How he described his style: "Classic with contemporary touches."

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